- Sagan

Our Story

Iceprotein ehf. an R&D company was founded just over a decade ago, following the research project Fish Protein as a Food Supplement, initiated by Matís hf., formerly the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, along with several fisheries companies.

Verið has specialised laboratories and a pilot plant where researchers and biotechnology entrepreneurs can develop products and processes. Iceprotein ehf. has conducted its research there, as well as developing the IceProtein® technology and designing production processes to ensure the high quality of Protis Fish protein products produced by Protis ehf and marketed in early 2016. Dr. Hólmfríður Sveinsdóttir led this research and development while working for Iceprotein ehf. from 2013 to 2019 and for Protis ehf. from its founding to 2019. - Sagan