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Success Stories

  • I’m very happy with Protis Fish Protein Trim and I feel a big difference in me. My appetite has decreased and so have my sugar cravings, I eat more regularly and my digestion is better. I’d like to continue using it.

    Guðrún Lilja Hermannsdóttir
  • I’m quite a lot quicker to recover after exercise. I sincerely recommend Protis Fish Protein 100% for those who want to improve stamina and balance energy levels between meals.

    Guðjón Ágúst Kristinsson
  • Sometimes I have felt well for several years but then it starts to go downhill. I do not have enough words for how happy I am with Protis Fish Protein Joints.

    Ida Haralds Malone USA
  • Amazing results! I began to find a difference in just over a week. Today there is no stiffness and I just take Protis Fish Protein Joints

    Snorri Snorrason
  • I had a very bad back and it caused discomfort in my legs. I had constant discomfort and I was limping. After I began to take Protis Fish Protein Joints, I gained greater flexibility in the back and it reduced the discomfort

    Steinþóra Sigurðardóttir
  • Early in the summer, I experienced great fatigue as I rode my bike, I was worn out and fatigued. Then I began taking Protis Fish Protein 100%, 3 capsules 2 times daily. Three days later, I began to feel better, more powerful and less fatigued. Protis Fish Protein 100% saved me this summer

    Hartmann K. Guðmundsson
  • I could not believe it when I began to feel the effects of Protis Fish Protein Joints, because after only five days, I felt incredibly good effects. I did not believe it. I will definitely continue to use Protis Fish Protein Joints, which works very well for me

    Júlíus Jóhannsson
  • Just when Protis Fish Protein Trim came on the market, I had been wondering which way would be best for me to get rid of a few kg. I seized the opportunity, of course, and tried Protis Fish Protein Trim to help me be successful and it did not let me down. In just over two months, I have lost 5 kg, that was the goal, I am very happy with the results

    Margrét Sigfúsdóttir
  • I was getting pretty stiff in the knee joints says Ólafur. So it was sometime last year my friend told me about Protis Fish Protein Joints and I decided to try. There’s nothing else you can say about them other than that they work like a charm

    Ólafur Ragnarsson
  • I have been taken Protis Fish Protein Joints for some time and can now enjoy my very active lifestyle without pain, I am engaged in mountain climbing and am training now for Iron Man in Copenhagen in late summer. The exercise intensity is quite a lot and if it were not for Protis Fish Protein Joints, I would not be able to do the same quantity of sessions a week

    Sigurður Ólafsson
  • I play sports on a competitive level and use their products on a daily basis. With 5-6 practices every week, it takes its toll on the body but with Protis Fish Protein 100% the recovery is quicker and the energy level at practice is better. I 100% recommend their products

    Helgi Margeirsson
  • I was told by people with joint pain to take Protis Fish Protein Joints because its done wonders for them. I decided to try it, but still had doubts. Now just over a week later I have no pain in the knees anymore. This is amazing! And its not placebo effect since I had no faith it would work. Thank you

    Sveinn Már Ásgeirsson